David's Barbershop, LLC

  "Don't get cut by the rest, Get cut by the BEST" 


Haircuts | Lifestyle | Community

The Shop is Born

David's Barbershop, LLC, opened in October 7, 2013, with a focused on providing top-notch barbering services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  What makes David's different is our commitment to our customers and community.

6 Years in the Game

Our mission has not changed...We continue to provide personalized, quality barbering services in an welcoming, inclusive environment; while advocating for the further development of our beloved Jersey City community.

Why us?

We offer innovative haircuts and styles for all types of hair, orientation, and/or special need. With a variety of barbering products to stay fresh and a fun, family-like atmosphere we will make you experience why we call ourselves "The BEST on the West."

David Rios


"It's simple...we're the BEST in Town" #Zumbaaa
  • Licensed Professional Barber
  • 10+ years in the grooming industry
  • Business wiz' with fresh barbering skills
  • Founder of the Haircuts|Lifestyle|Community mentality
  • Instagram: @david_jcbarber


"Don't get cut by the rest, get cut by the BEST"

Najib Abdelaziz

"With a Great BEARD comes Great Responsibility"
  • Licensed Professional Barber
  • 5+ years in the grooming industry
  • Known for his gentle touch, yet sharp fine-hair cuts

Jonathan Bonano

"Drop in, get a CUT, feel Amazing!"
  • Professional Barber
  • 5+ years in the grooming industry
  • Known for his skills with textured hair & informative chair convos'
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